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Our Singles are always up to something fun and exciting. If you're looking for some great Christian fellowship here in Hampton Roads, get in touch with one of our Singles ministries.

Virginia Beach Region:  

Brian and Lauren Hinkle (b)-757.288.5616 (l) 540.520.5296

West Region:

Laquince Johnson (l) - 757.214.4115  Tiffany Ehrenfried (t) 757.777.2041

Norfolk Region:

Rich and Sharina Mendoza (r) 757.636.7424   (s)757.619.6134

Peninsula Region:

Owen Winter  (o) -505.480.7122 


Singles Dodgeball Tournament sticky icon

Are you ready to prove that you have what it takes to be entitled "Best Dodgeball Team in Hampton Roads?"

Come join the Singles of the Hampton Roads Church as we put our skills to the test.  There will also be a short lesson and tons of fellowship to go along with our friendly competition.  Details & Location below.

Singles Dodgeball Tournament
Friday, March 30 at 7pm
1033 Greenbrier Parkway, Chesapeake, VA 23320
$4 dollars cash at the door



Prayers For 2012 Singles Internship: "One Body"

Welcome to the 2012 Singles Internship Prayer Page!  Below are submissions from the Hampton Roads Church Singles Interns.

Submission #4 (February 1st, 2012)

Greetings from the Hampton Roads Church Singles Internship "One Body"!! It's amazing how quickly it went by but here we are at the end of it and it has been so refreshing! God has been working overtime here with bible studies in full swing and repentance produced from the d-groups and lessons from leadership! We are so grateful for them to share their insights and convictions with us. This past Saturday the women heard from Terrie Fontenot, she shared her convictions with us about the singles ministry; in the scriptures there were unmarried and married -- but never alone! This is a treasured thought I will take with me always and I hope it reminds you also to pursue serving God with powerful kindness and powerful sacrifice. Without either of these we'd all still be chained to our sins! To me the coolest part of this internship has not only been to learn, grow and bond with the other regions; but mostly that none of us were paid to participate--we didn't stop our lives (school, work or activities)--we were just shown what it means to give our whole hearts to God and his kingdom.  My prayer is just because it's "over" doesn't mean you'll stop hearing the good news of repentance and soul's being saved here in Hampton Roads! See you all in San Antonio!!

Submission #3 (January 31st, 2012)

Singles Stepping Up in Virginia! (Written by Steve Oberle)

The second annual “One Body” singles internship is almost at its midway point and God has been working through the disciples and revealing the hearts of many eager seekers! Dividing up into groups, five new Bible talks have been started in different cities of Hampton Roads. We have all been out evangelizing in malls, parks, military bases, gyms, and everywhere else we go! This has led to many Bible studies and progress towards the church’s goals of expanding by the year 2020. The leadership in the church has supported this initiative tremendously with lessons every week by ministry couples tailored to helping the single interns mature. This past week, the Norfolk region ministry leaders, Dave and Megan Bliley, taught us how to give in the fellowship in a lesson entitled “Givers Not Takers”. The focus was Jesus and his interaction with the Samaritan woman and the feeding of the 5,000. They spurred us on to not miss out on divine opportunities and to make the most of an undivided devotion to the Lord.  Personally, these weekly lessons have helped with my transition from the campus to singles ministry, and equipped me to better walk as Jesus did.

Submission #2 (January 22nd, 2012)

My name is Jessie Harris, one of the interns in the Norfolk region of Hampton Roads, and I would like to share about my experience thus far in the singles internship. The internship has been so impactful to my walk just by instilling courage and hope in me for the singles ministry. It all started with the kickoff on Friday night in which the order of events for the remainder of the month was discussed and the goals that each facilitator of the internship had for the singles ministry. The discussion of the goals was by far one of the most encouraging portions of the night. The next day the interns began the morning with split lessons in which some of the most pressing issues were discussed. The message was spoken through Deb Anthon who broke down for us how to have confidence in our bible studies. Ironically enough the only way that we can have confidence in our bible studies is if we have confidence in God. Deb Anthon spurred us on by reminding us who have been disciples for many years, and informing those who have just come to the faith, that it’s not about the eloquence of our words or the order of the studies that make disciples, but it’s about our faith in God and knowing that His word never comes back empty. With all this in mind, us interns were now fired up to go and share our faith and that is exactly what we did at the peninsula town center where we met many different people, marrieds, teens, campus and singles one of which decided that he wanted to come to church and study the bible! Yep, so far it has all been so wonderful and I cannot wait to see what God does next week! 

Submission #1 (January 8th, 2012)

Hi, my name is Raphael Battle, I am one of the singles from the Hampton Roads Church. I am excited to share good news with everyone about the Singles Internship that kicks off today. There are 29 of us, spread across four regions. We applied last month with the hopes of being apart of mission to grow our ministry and reach many singles in our area that need to hear the Gospels in 2012. But not only for that reason, but to also grow in our characters and to also to be raised up in leadership. The "One Body" Internship will be a span of three weeks and will consist of: Training and D-Groups every Saturday, Bible Talk in a different region every Monday, and Prayer for the Internship every Wednesday following Mid-Week. We are excited and hope this internship will be a launching platform and will set a pace for our ministry this year to grow in our unity in being "One Body" and maturing in our spiritual walk and love towards one another. Pray for us to learn so much these next three weeks and to grow in ways that will be lasting to our Faith. Thanks. 


2012 Singles Internship "One Body"

Welcome to the 2012 Singles Internship Page!  Below is the schedule for the internship which includes dates, meeting places, and lesson topics.  Please check back here frequently to download and listen to the audio lessons as they become available.

2012 Singles Internship Schedule 

January 13, 7pm:  Internship Kick-off
Location:  Dragas housing clubhouse:  1017 Farrcroft Way, Virginia Beach, VA 23455

January 14, 8am-11am:  Anton's Being Confident in Bible Study                      

Location:  Peninsula Church Building, 86 Maxwell Lane, Newport News, VA 23606.

Download "Being Confident In Bible Study" by Ed Anton

 Download "Being Confident In Bible Study" by Deb Anton

Note:  Peninsula interns if you want get housing down in the beach or
on the southside let us know, so you don't drive Friday night back
home to get up super early to come back down.

January 16, 23 and 30:  You will have your new additional bibletalk,
just with the interns in your region.

January 11, 18, 25 and February 1:  Get in your regional intern groups
after midweek to pray about the internship and those you have reached
out, plus anything else on your heart.


January 21, 8am-1am:  Bliley's Visitor Focus in the Fellowship
ODU, James Lynn Room in the Webb Center

Download "Visitor Focus in the Fellowship" by Dave & Megan Bliley


January 28, 8am-11am:  Leadership and Ministry

Location:  2520 Holland Road (Southside Bldg)  

Download "Leadership and Ministry" by Terrie Fontenot

Download "Leadership and Ministry" by Ed Anton 

February 4, 8am-11am:  Booker's Strong Conviction Private to Public

Location:  2520 Holland Road (Southside Bldg)

Download "Conviction Private to Public" by Phil Booker (men only)

 Download "Conviction Private to Public" by Ayhanna Booker (women only)




Singles Internship 2012: "One Body"


First ever churchwide singles internship:  Faith building lessons from our evangelist and women's ministry leaders once a week, with a focus on singles ministry and leadership.  Weekly d-groups, weekly times to evangelize, setup a new bibletalk in your region.  A great opportunity is coming in January of 2012, to deepen the unity of the singles of the Hampton Roads Church and see us grow in living out the and seeing the HRC 2020 vision become a reality.  All this will occur by seeing how you can contribute and move your heart to embracing the truth, that we are "many parts, but one body."  We are excepting applications now, you do not have to have a desire to be in the full time ministry, but simply have a desire to serve God and the singles ministry He has put you in.  Please download your application and fill out the application in full by January 1.  You can send your application to  If you have any further questions please email us at the above email address.  Not everyone who applies will be accepted, but we will be accepting interns from all 4 regions.  We will not accept any applications after January 1.  

Click Here To Download Internship Application                                                                                           



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